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Who are we? (click to expand)

We are Mjølner, Katrine, Lue and Saxe (and Carlos the cat) (Click on the names to see). We've been on the road since September '21, when after a long battle against the local municipality for help with Lue, we decided we'd rather be free than dependent on the system. Our mission is to help ourselves recover from the long fight while helping others along the way. We are doing that by doing podcasts, housesitting, volunteer work, doing treatments in exchange for donations and much more. We are also looking for our "forever home" while on the road. 

What's the story (click to expand)

In 2021 we sold everything, bought an old RV and went through Central/Eastern Europe to Italy at the height of covid restrictions, despite not taking part in any of the programs on offer by the governments. In Sweden we tidied up a garden. We milked goats in Poland and helped roof a bed and breakfast. In Italy we did a workaway/housesit for 6 months, taking care of cats, a dog and many small tasks around an old villa in the mountains while the owner at times was away. During our stay in Italy we made two summits where we interviewed 50+ of our heroes, who we put on display for the world to be inspired by. We love being able to help and inspire. At the time of writing we are heading through Western Europe towards Spain/Portugal for the winter and have just secured our housesit near Barcelona for Christmas and New Years. We are meeting some absolutely lovely people on the way.

What's the LONG story (click to expand)

In 2012 we got a handicapped daughter. We were living in the "socialistic paradise" Denmark where everyone is being taken care of over heavy taxation, or so we had been brought up to believe. When we couldn't cope anymore (our daughters night-terrors kept us up every night for 3 hours) we finally buckled and asked the system for help, but instead of help we got yet another big fight on our hands. We ended up living in a shed with no running water or electricity for a while. Help was found outside the system, from generous, empathic, real people. When we finally got our heads above water, we decided we also wanted to help in the ways we can. We're showing people what's possible via our summits (2 so far), our podcast, on our instagram, our group coaching program, via our treatments and anyway else we can think. We love helping, and we remember to help ourselves first

How can you help us? (click to expand)

There are many ways. The easiest is to donate via the button above. Other ways is to invite us on your podcast, spread our message on your social media or if you know anyone who would like to try a treatment  (click the word treatment to see more I promise you: they are life changing and for the better) somewhere in the vicinity of where we are in exchange for a donation. Maybe you know of a long term housesit, some cool openminded people for us to visit along the way (we're aiming for first Alicante then the southern tip of Spain). Or do you happen to have some large Lithium batteries lying about, or a new low voltage fridge for our campervan?

Where can I find you (click to expand)

Our Route: Click on the markers to read what we're doing and see more on Instagram