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What's Included:

The Basic Dental Health Course +

Dental Health Chart (All teeth and their corresponding area in life)

Ebook "Can you bite back without teeth?"

7 Modules (planned so far) going in depth on YOU and YOUR familys dental health:

Module 1

What are sensitive teeth?

What is receding gums?

Gum disease – (inflamed gum and periodontal disease)

Tooth decay

Broken teeth

Stained teeth and tartar

Clenching and grinding teeth

TMJ problems

Module 2

Root canal treatment

What is a root canal treatment?

Is a RCT dangerous?

Can you die if the tooth is not RCT?

Is it better to have the tooth pulled out?

What is best – keep the tooth, a bridge, or an implant?

Module 3

How to correctly read and interpret x-ray pictures

Module 4

Teeth and correlation to areas of life

From central to wisdom tooth (1 – 8)

Module 5

Bite types

Teeth and personality

Braces and the impact on our teeth and personality

Module 6

Basic knowledge about children’s’ teeth

Module 7

How do we know if we have diseases?         

What are the most common emotions that lead to disease?

Do we need treatment, or can our teeth heal?