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Suggested amount 15$

We want everybody to be able to get this knowledge, so we will accept whatever you can afford (above 3$ because of Paypal/Stripe fees).

We do however suggest 15$ to cover our costs and the efforts put in.

If you don't want to donate (or can't) you can signup for the livestream without donating here:


However, you won't get access to the recording

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If something doesn't work, Email/whatsapp me and I'll fix it: [email protected] or +4542567895

What's Included:

This is a "pay-what-you-can"-ticket, that gives you access to participate in the livestream and get the subsequent recording of the discussion between Katrine, Mjølner, Cambell, and Eileen on Saturday the 18th of March 2023

This will be a mindblowing event where we (re-)connect Eileen Mckusick (Biofield tuning instagram link) and Cambell (Autodidactic youtube link) to discuss frequency, health, ancient architecture, how we can heal ourselves through tuning the frequencies of the body and so much more. Sound has long been a forgotten component of our health and wellbeing. It's a way to transform the information in the body and we can use this knowledge to heal ourselves and the world around us. You will not regret joining.

We suggest 15$, but we will accept whatever you can afford.

Donations will be evenly split between Eileen, Cambell and us.

Subscribers of "Almost Everything"

As a subscriber to "Almost Everything" you get access to almost all recordings we have ever made, including this roundtable.


It's 7$/month or 77$/year. To get access to the link to the live discussion you will have to sign up here: