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Bruce Lipton

Cell Biologist

The Biology of Belief

Joel Salatin

Lunatic Farmer

Regenerative Growth

Melissa Tate

Choice Privilege

Connection and taking responsibility

Xavier Hawk

Futurist Renaissance Man

Blockchain Freedom

Bracha Goldsmith

Astrologer - Channeler

Out of this world truth

Alec Zeck

Speaker and Writer

Health Freedom for Humanity

Dorte Bredgaard

Ex Dentist

"Goodbye Toothbrush"

Alun Biggart

Spiritual Ceo

Bravery and Love

Amber Magnolia Hill

Mythic Medicine WoMan

Remembering what it is to be human

Avalon Khaan

Love Leader

Radically being yourself

Michelle Gibson

Counter Historian

Freedom through knowing our true history

Dear Danny

Speaker of truths

Veda Austin

Water interpreter

The Secret Intelligence of Water

Jessica Ketner

Sounds, Science and the Esoteric

Quantum healing the human blueprint

Freyiia Milleh

Shamanic Shadow Facilitator

Deep inner awakening processes

Calvin Correli

Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Creating life with meaning, health and wealth

Jenna Weakland

Intuitive Teacher, Speaker and Entrepreneur 

Healing trauma with heart coherence

:Henrik-Kromann Of The Jensen.

How to be sovereign

Navigating the water ways of life

Marina Jacobi

Energy Philanthropy

the new metaphysics that bridges matter and consciousness

Cynthia Sue Larson

Quantum Optimist

Consciousness shifts reality

Paola Brown


Frequency medicine for your family

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